VapBong - Classic Edition


Advantages of Dr. Colly´s VapBong Vaporizer:


1) Optics

  • Beautiful effect glazes and unique design - subtle and noble or a colorful eye-catcher. The first vaporizer that doesn't look like a kitchen device or worse.

2) Acoustics

  • Pleasant bubbling, no booming blowers and plastic rustling.


3) Useability

  • Excellent steam development and easy handling with maximum efficiency and complete utilization of the plant material.
  • Significantly gentler, no cough - the chillum with diffuser provides gentle cooling, the water filters and frees the steam from remaining fine particles.
  • on-demand operation, no loss due to deposits in the hose or balloon.
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation.


4) Sophistication

  • No plastic bags or hoses on the face, the consumer looks natural and aesthetic.
  • Treat yourself to something special: All vaporizers are made by hand - how many handmade items do you have in your household?


5) Sustainability

  • Conserves your wallet and resources: No hidden subscription or extra costs (plastic bags or tubes are expensive to buy).
  • The VapBongs are wear-free, there are no parts to buy.

VapBong - Art Edition



Here the artists of Art of Vapor let their creativity run free.

These models are free works, elaborately manufactured vaporizers that are not produced in series.

The proven mode of operation and function is identical to that of the Classic models.