Questions and Answers



Question: How long does my Art of Vapor vaporizer need to preheat?


Approx. 10 mins. The vaporizer is made of ceramic and needs this time to thoroughly warm all the relevant parts that come into contact with the air. The subsequent steam pleasure is not affected by any foreign flavors or tastes, just the pure taste of your herbs.


Question: How much water do I have to fill in?


Approx. 03-05 liters of clear water. The amount varies depending on personal preference and the shape of your vaporizer. The easiest way to determine the amount of water is to remove the herb ball and fill it with water through the chillum while pulling on the vaporizer. The water should not splash to the top of the chillum while pulling, otherwise the herbs will get wet, pour some water out of the vaporizer until the water remains clearly inside the chillum.


Question: How long can the vaporizer stay on?


Theoretically, the vaporizer can remain switched on permanently, there is no overheating.


Question: Why is your vaporizer so expensive, it is only clay with a heating coil?


Unfortunately, the market is flooded with devices that do not produce good steam, and the herbs are used particularly well. Quality takes time and care in manufacturing, and that in turn has its price. In our opinion, serious vaporizers with high efficiency are not available on the market for less than € 300, but they look like a kitchen device and come from the factory on the assembly line. We see ourselves as a vaporizer manufacturer for customers who value manual work and who want a vaporizer that can become a favorite utensil for cannabis consumption, that people like to use and look at, that is not only a means to an end. You pay for artistic handwork, not just for the material value. Each of our vaporizers is unique and bears the mark of its builder engraved on the bottom. With our vaporizer you do not buy a hidden subscription for expensive plastic bags or other wear and tear material, even our sieve can be burned as often as you want and you do not have to buy anything.


Question: Why should I use a vaporizer at all?


There are many good reasons for this, for example:

1) Health - Vaporizing is one of the healthiest ways to use cannabis. The process of vaporizing releases far less harmful substances than when burning cannabis.

2) Thrift - Your herb material is used in the best possible way, when vaporizing the same amount lasts a lot longer than when you smoke. When pulling on the vaporizer, the material is exposed to the hot air flow again and again until the last residue of THC or CBD is dissolved and no more steam is generated. The cost of your vaporizer paid for itself quickly - but buy a good one, preferably our VapBongs, otherwise your herbs will not be used effectively and you will have little steam and pleasure.

Maintenance and Care


Question: How do I have to clean my device?


The vaporizer can be cleaned with hot water, a bottle brush and any sour cream cleaner (alcohol, washing powder, etc.). Since there is not much dirt during vaporization, cleaning with Schmand cleaner is rarely necessary. Fresh water in the vaporizer every day is sufficient. Most deposits form directly at the entrance to the chillum, we recommend scraping them off with a stick and drying them for a few days - it is pure resin that can be recycled.


Question: How do I store my device when I'm not using it?


When the vaporizer is switched off, the herb ball should always be removed and placed next to the vaporizer, otherwise the herbs will draw moisture from the vaporizer due to evaporating water. If the vaporizer is not used for a long time, the water should be emptied.



Question: Do I have a guarantee?


Answer: Yes, the guarantee period is 18 months. If something is broken afterwards, we repair the Vapo at a fair price, we don't want to earn anything from a repair. Due to the robust construction, not much can break.