We are Axel and Janine.


In August 2018 the time had come - we sold our house and all our belongings. We simply gave away a lot of things, freedom enticed us. Simply dropping and drifting magically attracted us.


When we were stranded in Portugal, Donald entered our lives. It sounded exciting what he wanted to do, and Axel just tried it out and discovered his passion for the craft with clay. His artistic streak made its way to the surface. "This is exactly that i want to do" he says whenever he surrenders to creativity in our tiny house. By the way, he was a product developer in Germany.


So we live here on Campo in beautiful Portugal in two tiny houses. One for life, the other for creative work.

And now I, Janine, join me and paint. I used to be a notary and office clerk, but now I'm a blogger and artist. "This is exactly that i want to do" I now also say - and we both smile. Thank you for being part of this fantastic project. You can find my blog here:


And our YouTube Channel here :