Hi there !

My name is Felix Denzler, I'm 27 years old and a carpenter by trade. At least that's the job I've learned for 3 years. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for this was very limited during my apprenticeship, due to the authoritarian management of my apprenticing company or my boss at the time and the relatively modernized work. This work mainly included window and door construction as well as built-in cupboards and functional furniture.



originally planned to follow my father's professional footsteps and learn carpentry when I was 15, but things turned out differently. After successfully completing my apprenticeship, I started my community service, which I completed in workshops for people with disabilities. I really enjoyed working with these people and was a welcome change. After the 9 months I decided to move to the Black Forest to my then great love. I learned that a nearby organic farmer urgently needed help and so I looked at the work there. I worked there for over 4 years and my work spanned many areas e.g. Working at the weekly market, selling in the farm shop, making apple juice, maintaining biotopes with everything that can mow, various office activities up to a complete house demolition. It was a varied time during which I had a lot of fun working.

I got to know a new love, from which my wonderful son, who is now 4 years old, was born. A lot has happened in my life in recent years. It has, so to speak, undergone a great change in a way that my son initiated. To be there unconditionally for someone and to take that for granted. Unconditional love is only possible in a parent-child relationship.


My partner at the time and I went on a European trip whose final goal was to see my father in Amsterdam after 8 years without contact (forced). As expected, the reunion was incredibly beautiful and emotional and we spent 3 great weeks there, in which I then completely made my first vaporizer under supervision.

I quickly noticed that the clay was "good in the hand" and that I could model a lot. When we got back home I started to get everything I needed to build the vaporizer bit by bit, my father's knowledge and experience were extremely helpful. So I also built myself a kiln out of a diesel barrel, which I roughly lined with ceramic wool and operated with a gas burner. The stove still works perfectly today, even if it was time for a bigger one :)

A short time later I gave my father and I a platform (Facebook) on which we could offer our pottery vaporizers. After I had built the first independent devices at home, they found a new owner amazingly quickly and I had earned the first money with something that was created by my own hands - a great feeling.


A small business was registered to give the whole thing more seriousness and to not break any rules in the German state.

After several years and many vaporizer orders that I made in addition to my actual job in a joinery, we registered the company Art of Vapor as a GmbH in August 2018, for which I now work full-time in my own studio - a dream job !! Demand has grown so strongly through social media and customer recommendations that there will certainly be many exciting things to tell in the future. I hope to have given you a tiny impression of my life with this tiny "About me".


Thanks for your interest, have fun on our website!




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