My name is Donald Denzler, aka Dr.Colly Light, I am now over 60 years old and have always led a very colorful life.


In the following text I would like to give you a little insight and you will learn something about the history of our vaporizers.


Since I got to know the healing effects of cannabis at the age of 18, I have been fascinated by this plant and from then on it became an integral part of my life. At the age of 15 I was prescribed sedatives because I was classified by teachers as "difficult". I refused to go to school because I couldn't cope with my classmates.


The prescribed medication only helped to a limited extent, but cannabis opened up a whole new world for me - my environment became more bearable and my life only seemed to really start now. From then on, everything revolved around this one plant and I wanted to give other people access to the healing and relaxing effects.


So I cultivated my own cannabis at home and with growing experience I soon had good yields. Proud of my quality, free of chemicals or even expanded materials, I was able to sell my surplus to friends, acquaintances and at festivals at fair prices.


I didn't do anything bad in my eyes, because in my opinion a plant cannot be illegal (definition: illegal, unlawful; without official approval).

Although Article 4 of the Basic Law expressly considers such ideological or religiously motivated acts to be lawful and precludes the application of criminal law, I was sentenced to several years in prison for these activities and because of the misleading behavior of my lawyer.


During the pre-trial detention, I experienced severe abuse and failure to provide assistance, especially from the German authorities and the judiciary. As an asthmatic, I was housed in a cell with 17 tobacco smokers, and the prison staff ignored the resulting fainting spells. After a fall in which I cut both ear canals with my own jaw, I was refused all medical attention for three weeks. The treatment finally granted can be described as extremely painful, especially since it took place without any anesthesia.


Despite the injustice suffered and the ill-treatment, I did not let myself be prevented from acting according to my conviction even after my detention. Unfortunately, the state again illegally prevented me from practicing my faith, trampled on my fundamental rights and deprived me of my freedom even though I did no harm or harm to anyone.

I had a very committed lawyer who was initially able to get me released from custody. But she too was changed after the first public trial and did not want to or could not prevent the unlawful revocation of my probation.


Drawing on the experiences with the German judiciary and martyrdom, I decided to leave everything behind after an appointment with my lawyer and not to bow to the matter in this matter, I went "on the run" for 12 years.

I spent most of my time in Amsterdam. The one who knows what it means to be on the run knows that it is often harder than prison. You are not served meals, have no sleeping place, no heating, no toilet, no health insurance, no doctor. Still, life in prison was not an option for me.


In the meantime, my sentence has expired in Germany and, from a legal point of view, I am once again an honest citizen. Since my love of cannabis is unbroken and I do not want to come into conflict with the judiciary again, I currently live in exile in Portugal, where a certain amount for personal consumption is free of punishment. Today I earn my living quite legally by producing and selling vaporizers and other cannabis-related articles.