Creation history of Art of Vapor



As early as 1976, I tested a "vaporizer" for the first time. A friend heated some cannabis in a test tube and let me breathe in the steam. Although it felt pleasant, this form of consumption was not clearly noticeable to me, neither when inhaling nor when it was effective.


Years later I tested a vaporizer that produced a really full amount of vapor and had a very good effect - unfortunately it was very expensive. Since there was an arrest warrant against me and I had no income and mostly just the money for a few potatoes to escape, it was impossible for me to buy such a device. During the years that I have been hiding in Holland, I have seen various vaporizers: devices with a strange look reminiscent of kitchen appliances, with tubes or plastic bags. Inhaling from the same has something optically repellent for me and it doesn't look like enjoyment to me.


So all of these devices did not satisfy me. As a craftsman, inventor and inventor without financial resources, the solution was to develop a vaporizer yourself. Due to a chronic lack of money, the highest possible efficiency of the device was particularly important to me in order to use my cannabis as efficiently as possible.


Various materials were tested in the initial phase until I found the material with which I grew wings in the construction of my own vaporizer: clay. With clay, I was able to implement my ideas about the shape of the vaporizer exactly as it seemed to me, in a visionary manner, in my mind's eye.

All other important features for the construction of a vaporizer were also given. The end result is a concept of function and design that has been thought through down to the last detail, so that herbs can be vaporized comfortably, stylishly and at the same time with maximum effectiveness.


When fully glazed, the design of my vaporizer attracted attention and some friends asked if I could make one for them. A few orders quickly came together and I was able to use it to finance my life on the run.


In 2012 after the limitation of my sentence, I wanted to venture into the official business world - but a devastating fire destroyed everything I had: tools and equipment, 120 finished vaporizers and my annual supply of 2kg cannabis.


After some time in complete depression I finally got myself up and financed a construction trailer with screwing and renovation jobs in Amsterdam and set up a new workshop in it and slowly worked my way up again.


Nach dieser schwierigen Zeit war der Weg endlich wieder frei, um meine Arbeiten online anbieten zu können. Die Nachfrage stieg stetig und so begann sich bald mein Sohn Felix für diese Arbeit zu interessieren und erlernte von mir die notwendigen Fähigkeiten zum Bau der Vaporizer. Aus anfänglichen Gelgenheits-Jobs für Art of Vapor ist inzwischen eine Vollzeit Stelle mit eigenem Atelier geworden. Seine Designs tragen seine eigene kreative und kunstvolle Handschrift.


In 2018, we registered Art of Vapor as a GmbH to further professionalize ourselves. We now employ more people in production to meet the high demand.