Hi my name is Donald denzler, nickname dr.collylight. 

I knew about vaporizing since i was 18, though i found ist always quiete unsatisfying. So i smoked marijuana and hash for about 28 years,- till one day, i found a very good working vaporizer and i instantely knew: this is my way.

Since I had no money, I couldn't afford to buy one, so there was only one option to come to a vaporizer for myself: I had to build it . 

Trying different material and prototypes from copper and soapstone i more and more got the idea, that only ceramic could really match to my demands. 

I had the no experience with clay and so I started first to learn how to handle and bake clay with some try and error, more error than success, I worked my way through the universe of ceramic for about 1 year- till I finally was able to build, whatever I wanted.

During the time of experiment I also tried very different designs and forms, snakes and balls and pipes Simpson finally I came to the model I call. VapBong.

It's kind of a bong combined with a vaporizer.

Many of my friends, who came and visited me that time tried my prototypes and more and more ask to buy one from me and by the way I found a new profession.

Since 2012 I sell on the internet and finally I can make a living of it.

A few years ago my son joined me making ceramic vaporizer. His specialty are geckos, salamanders, monster. He has his own Workshop in Germany.

After working in Netherland a few years, i  moved to Spain. It took me more than a year but finally found a nice spot where I am going to live and work.